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During this time she began to use the prepositions in and on, the first words she used to exclusively serve a grammatical purpose, although she did not always include them and all of her early uses were in answers to questions. When Curtiss tested her on possessive sentences such as “Point to the cat’s foot” and “Point to the foot of the cat” during this time Genie was only correct 50% of the time, but after March of that year she demonstrated full comprehension of both constructions despite not using either in her speech. In February 1972 she produced negative sentences, all consisting of “No more” appended to the beginning of either a noun or a noun and a verb which could have been an independent utterance.

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However, Swingers Heaven singles never made any distinction between the words here and there; on multiple tests, when told to come or go to a person or area her response to either, “Come here” and, “Go there” was always to go to either the closest or the farthest person or area. However, when interpreting a complex sentence in which a relative clause ending in a noun phrase came before the main verb, such as “The boy who is looking at the girl is frowning”, she interpreted the noun closest to the verb as the subject. The scientists wrote that this meant that she was using a word order strategy, which they considered progress because her earlier responses to them were clearly guesses. By this time Genie could only consistently count as high as 7 in sequential order, which came at the expense of her ability to do so via gestalt perception.

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She typically did not acknowledge statements, requests, or other common pieces of conversation, and when she did respond it was often with a significant delay. Curtiss wrote that Genie grew progressively better at both, although even by mid-1975 she did not always respond or took an unusually long time to do so. If she did respond she often repeated something said earlier, and she used repetitive statements to serve several conversational functions. In both test settings and conversations Genie still sometimes reversed I and you, my and your, and me and you, but during the summer of 1974 she began to show definite improvement in both her comprehension and production of first and second person pronouns. In August she started to demonstrate the ability to modify first subject and then object pronouns.

Children’s Hospital staff did not keep detailed records of Genie’s early linguistic progress, and she only rarely spoke in the first 6 months of her stay, so there was little data on Genie’s language during this time. When Kent met with Genie for the first time, he initially observed no visible reactions from her but eventually found that she seemed afraid of a small puppet. When she threw it on the floor Kent pretended to be concerned and said, “We have to get him back”, and was startled when she repeated the word “back” and nervously laughed.

Even while speaking she continued to use supplementary nonverbal gestures to improve her intelligibility. Prior to mid-1974 she invented gestures to indicate specific phonemes and homonyms regardless of semantic context, unlike previous observations of invented signing systems in which individual gestures exclusively communicated semantic meaning. Sometimes she used one gesture for two similar-sounding but not completely homophonic words, such as her use of the same gesture for both the words “disappear” and “disappointed”. The scientists also measured Genie’s conversational competence.

Despite the marked improvement in Genie’s language, it was still clearly abnormal. The words she learned continued to remain far ahead of the grammar she possessed and still showed an unusual focus on objective properties, and the gap between her receptive and expressive vocabulary had grown. While her use and comprehension of grammar had clearly improved, and papers from the time indicated she was continuing to acquire it, they were still highly deficient and her progress remained far slower than linguists had anticipated. And how much of what she did use was attributable to acquisition versus rote memory was not readily obvious. Curtiss did not view this as linguistic movement, believing that Genie’s grammar simply changed to place negations in the middle of a sentence. By the fall of 1974 Genie began differentiating between third-person pronouns such as he and she, but still had a high rate of error and did not use these, relative pronouns, and indefinite pronouns.

After a fairly short time, Genie’s nonverbal communication skills became exceptional. Everyone who worked with her said she had an indescribable way of eliciting emotions, and she seemed able to communicate her desires without talking. Christianity FAQ exists to help people understand the Christian faith.

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Despite this, by 1975 Genie remained largely unable to respond to sentences where the nouns were not in the same sequence as the events, such as “Touch your ear after you touch your nose”, although she improved more with sentences asking her to do something after instead of doing something before. In a 1981 paper Curtiss interpreted Genie’s temporal utterances as an expansion of Genie’s vocabulary, but an outside analysis of Curtiss’ writings concluded that Genie had to have acquired some degree of grammar to have formed these sentences. By early 1974 the scientists estimated that Genie’s grammar was congruous with a typical two or two and a half year old, although her progress remained unusually slow. Around this time Curtiss found that, unlike most children but similar to adult split-brain and left hemispherectomy patients, she was completely unable to distinguish between active and passive voice, giving random responses to these sentences and never gaining any use of the passive voice. On a test between February 1974 to July 1975, Genie also showed no comprehension of the words many, most, few, or fewest.

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By contrast, she had far more difficulty acquiring and utilizing grammar. She clearly mastered some basic aspects of grammar, and understood significantly more than she used in her own speech, but her rate of grammar acquisition was much slower than normal. As a result, her vocabulary was consistently much more advanced and sophisticated than most people in equivalent phases of grammar acquisition.