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Jelani and Jenny – they seem to work pretty well together, but both are very focused on the race that I’d be surprised if anything further happened. Jeff and Jackie – definitely some chemistry here during the first couple of episodes. For example, they shared a room together at one of the hotels.

Laura is now an Emmy-nominated executive producer and worked for GAC Family’s digital platform. She continues to pursue her passion for traveling all across the world. As for Tyler, he’s also remained very career-oriented since his time on the show.

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“We’re definitely still friends,” he said during a May 2015 interview with Parade. “This is an experience we’ll never forget and only the two of us will ever be able to share. It’s awesome.” ‘So I took a little picture with one of my friends, a musician, his ex, in the gym and it gets blown out of proportion.

Shortly after leaving the house, they decided to compete together on season 30 — only confirming just how crazy about one another they were. In February 2018, only months after taking home the $1 million prize, they got engaged. The show hit its own bump in the road amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, since traveling is a must for the reality series to continue. After major delays, season 32 returned in October 2020 nearly two years after filming wrapped. The saddest story among the teams who weren’t able to come back comes from married couple Taylor and Isaiah.

The Amazing Race Season 31 Contestants

He has worked as the EVP of Flimp Communications since 2013. In the final leg, Tyler & Korey raced neck-and-neck with Colin & Christie, with the two teams trading the lead multiple times throughout the leg. Ultimately, Tyler & Korey would fall short after missing several key details at the final task that cost them time, coming in 2nd place.

Tammy and Victor Jih, siblings with Harvard law degrees, won “The Amazing Race” Season 14. Cindy Chiang and Ernie Halvorsen married in 2012 and have welcomed two adorable little boys since then. Cindy currently works as the head of industry, home and fashion brands at Google, according to her LinkedIn profile. Ernie is a social impact business investor with Thread International. Chip McAllister is now a realtor in California’s Orange County with wife Kim at a firm called Team Chip and Kim Real Estate.

I think the only thing this season accomplished is discovering that pairing strangers who want to be on the race was a viable twist for a season. But there was approximately zero attempt at an actual blind date / relationship. After their 2014 win, the father-son duo continued in their many successes. Connor, who was a professional cyclist in Europe while a teen and beat testicular cancer, went on to launch an adventure bag company. The season 19 champs married in 2012 and went on to welcome three sons.

Dating couple, they worked together as a pilot and flight attendant for 16 years before Jeff asked Lyda out following her divorce. Though the got on the first flight, they got caught up in the huge bottleneck at the Syncing Steps Detour, as they and eight other teams took turns trying to match the correct choreography. They were the last team to complete the Detour, taking nearly four hours, and showed up at the U-Turn mat to find themselves having been U-Turned at the hands of Mike & Rochelle. While they were able to complete the Samurai Sake Detour rather quickly, the time wasted on the U-Turn was enough to drop them out of the Race in 11th place.

After winning season 7, the then-married couple returned to compete in 2007’s All-Stars, during which they came in fifth place. In 2011, they announced their split but shared that they remain friends. John Groove has over 20 years of experience specializing in divorce and family law. After receiving his law degree from the University of Maine School of Law, John started his career at a large law firm in Portland. However, he quickly realized that his passion was for working with individuals going through the difficult process of divorce. John is a frequent speaker on divorce-related topics and is well-respected among his peers in the legal community.

The Guidos are enjoying life after “The Amazing Race” and said they are open to anything that comes along. Now, they’re doing radio and magazine interviews as well as speaking to high-school classes. They’re also doing television appearances and have received an offer of a lifetime from a talk-show host. But if I’m introducing you to Ben and you’re my date, it’s probably not a good sign,” she laughed. While having Robinson nearby to scare off bad dates is nice, she said they still have that love-hate, brother-sister relationship.