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♡ The whole story, the characters and the funny banter was totally Kelly Fox and everything I love about her books. Loved the characters in this one. They both had such great personalities and they just worked so well together.

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All Lily Morton’s books have three things in common; heart, heat & humor and Dog Walker is the perfect example of it. After the slight disappointment with the second volume of this charity fund-raising anthology, I have to say I was apprehensive going into this one. Honestly, I was a bit uninspired by the storyline when I first saw where it was going… but Sloane Kennedy totally pulled me in with their writing. I liked the characters and the way it got there. Fans of Reyne’s recent novel Dine With Me will definitely want to read this one. One of the stops on Miller and Clancy’s trip is in New Orleans to a bar/restaurant called Dram.

I suggest grabbing a snack and settling down, this won’t be a short one. Nick’s greatest accomplishment, if you ask him, was becoming an LGBTQ father, who cherishes his family every day. Nick is also the co-owner of Giraffe Multimedia Inc., a video production company specializing in educational programming and digital branding, also for 21 years. Nick merged his companies and passions to develop over 50 titles of First Aid/CPR educational videos, digital products, and content branding.

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I think I have a thing for reading about psychopathic characters. If any of you know this author personally, tell her that I want to marry her. Or we can elope in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator officiant. I adored this story, and the sex was fabulous. Probably going to check out this author’s other books. Ofc I love my ripped hotties with muscles and abs but I adore KF for choosing more regular body-types a lot for some of her characters too.

What’s more, affiliates who are already promoting Quest Personals will receive one combined payment for commissions they generate through Swingalicious and Quest Personals. Casual hookup apps and sites are some of the most convenient ways to find a hot date that you can have a great time with. Most of these hookup sites have a basic option that lets you take advantage of their services for free. Of course, premium accounts get more perks and features, but you should only opt for one if you feel the need to.

First book was way better but they are not bad stories in general and it’s for a great cause. An unfortunate first impression gives way to something more, something deeper, something neither Taika nor Ethan ever expected. I kind of liked their awkward start because while their contention felt juvenile (age-wise) with their temperaments and reactions, it felt relatable. Their dynamic for being together and making things work out was very right for the characters.

I really like some of the stories but others i’m left wanting and then i get angsty because i want some of them to be longer. On the whole this one was a decent anthology. 4 stars for “The Wrong Guy” – I had already read this story published as “Tempting Fate” as part of the Love in Eden series. 4.5 stars for “The Wedding Date” – I liked this story of forgiveness among other things, but one scene was just a little too OTT outrageous for me. It seemed out of character for how Hunter’s character had been drawn to that point.

I could probably list all the stories here because they were all just the perfect romantic and sexy read. It’s took me days but I read every single story. Some I’ve liked and some i didn’t but still gave it a 5 stars rating, (just because I’m too lazy to go through every single one to rate ). Not only is it for a great cause, but you get eleven opposites attract and fall madly in love stories to warm the heart.

Their very different personalities play well against each other, and their romance is sweet, sexy and satisfying. Each and every story in this book is worth reading, and they are all fantastic. May Archer also had a story in last years H2H, and it spun off into a series.

3.25 stars – Kai asks Rylan to act as his anti-wingman to prevent him from rushing into the next relationship head first. 4.75 stars – As usual I fell in love with the characters immediately. This was just the perfect mix of very good tropes and a super solid romance and I enjoyed every seconds of this story.