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I now set boundries and if a flirtcheck can’t respect my boundries then they have to go. I have zero tolerance for disrespect. My ex didn’t respect me at all, she even told me that she wouldn’t respect me. So one day after dating for 10 months I got tired of her shit and told her I wasn’t happy and wanted to end the relationship. She Freaked out and had an anxiety attack when I told her this.

She pulled away and this push/pull cycle continued over the following months. By then I’d fallen for her and was acting beta and weak in being needy and pursuing her. I got friend zoned, somehow managed to get out of it for a few months, then I got thrown back there after a long weekend away together abroad. Her emotions go from one extreme to another in a short space of time and she behaves irrationally and impulsively. I’ve been trying to work on myself to be more alpha, but I fear it’s now too late.

Have our daughter a kiss and walked out the door. She’s now staying with a friend none of know who he/she is… She’s told me she loves me and our daughter and to trust her. She is the love of my life and was planning on asking her to marry me this week, but she’s just up and gone. She said she needed space from everything and everyone. Then I met Casanova and fell in love. Unfortunately, he was very emotionally dishonest.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

I am even fine accepting her if she is back in the coming months. I have decided not to text her or call her and its been 20 days already. Rick, I’ve been reading your site and I think that you are amazing. I have been learning alot from it, but I feel like its too hard for somebody like me to implement these rules, but believe me Im trying everyday.

What is the percentage of fake profiles on dating sites

So this occured again two day’s ago. Some guy was talking to her on this app called snap chat, where you can send pictures. He sent her a picture and said that hes tired, can you come take care of me. She told him that she is in a relationship, if you can respect that then we can talk, if you cant then we cannot. And as we were working out, she was telling me this. I appreciate that, but don’t stop talking on account of me.” And she got upset and said “what, I didnt do this for you, I did it for me ok.

Sexual abuse can cause life-long complications in relationships. Instability is common in relationships where one person has BPD. Many people with BPD are afraid of intimacy, so instead of getting too close to someone they fear might leave or hurt them, they push them away or withdraw from the relationship. They will often find a reason to withdraw, at least temporarily, from the dating relationship.

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I’m glad you shared because it just shows you the different faces these people can put on. All charming and fun in public, then an asshole in private. It’s actually a lot more common than you know.

Either way, don’t accept them back with open arms. Make them work for it and prove they’re worth your time. And even then, be incredibly cautious about getting close. I’m up to answering any questions men can have about how we really feel and what’s really going on inside, as I’ve been treated and learning about myself for years.

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I only sell the truth – and the truth is hard work. Changing mindsets, getting good at dating and relationships is NOT easy, and people struggle with it forever. And since mainstream dating advice is horrible these days, people get more and more lost. In the past, and even now, I noticed that her ex’s and other guys would constantly hit on her. I know her since January, on February, there was this night where her friends that are guys were talking to her and were really disrespectful.

A therapist will help you learn to respond to emotional situations with reason and proper judgment. This will reduce the dichotomous thinking that so many people with BPD have. These emotional switchbacks can be difficult to handle.